Finger Fidget or Finger Warm Up Exercises

Finger FidgetFinger Fidget or Finger Warm Up Exercises

Here is a super simple and super cheap do-it-yourself project to make finger fidgets.  These bead finger fidgets can be used to occupy busy hands for wiggly students or to warm up the fingers before fine motor or handwriting activities.  Obviously, do not use these with young children or children who mouth objects because the small beads are a choking hazard.

Supplies needed for the finger fidgets:

  • mesh tubing from the craft store (yards of this are super cheap – I paid $3 for 20 yards of the white mesh tubing)
  • plastic beads that will fit inside the tubing (I used green pony beads)
  • 2 pieces of duct tape or needle and thread

Cut the mesh tubing into a 12″ strip.  Tie a knot in one end.  Slip 4 beads inside the mesh tubing.  Tie off the other end of the tubing to make the length of the finger fidget about 6 inches long.  Duct tape the ends to prevent the tubing from fraying.  You can sew or hot glue the ends if you would prefer.

Have the child slide one bead at a time through the mesh tubing.  Not only is this an excellent fidget it also requires fine motor skills to take only one bead at a time and slide it across the tube.

If you want to make it more difficult of a fine motor task, make the mesh tubing longer.

Watch the Finger Fidget in action –

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Finger Fidget or Finger Warm Up Exercises - make this super simple and cheap finger fidget to keep hands busy or strengthen fine motor skills.