Clip Cards for Hand Strengthening – FREE

Clip Cards for Hand Strengthening - FREE

Clip Cards for Hand Strengthening Have you ever tried clip cards for hand strengthening?  Clip cards are task cards for children to mark the correct answer using a clothespin.  The opening and closing of the clothespin encourages hand strengthening.  In addition, academic material can be reviewed such as colors, letters, numbers and letter sounds. This […]

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Clothes Pin Silly Faces

Here are some FREE printables to make these fun clothes pin silly faces.  Print the download from http://yourtherapysource.com/freeclothespinfaces.html .  Add some clothes pins and let the children create their own silly hair.  It would be even more fun if you had some hair extension clips that you could add.  They encourage strengthening of the fingers and […]

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Homemade Painting Tools

Create these homemade painting tools with cardboard, scissors and clothes pins.  Children will practice cutting skills, hand strengthening and visual motor skills with this painting activity.  Watch the video at http://yourtherapysource.com/videopaintingtools.html [subscribe2]  


10 Ways to Use Clothes Pins with Craft Sticks

Here are 10 ideas to use clothes pins with craft sticks. These are inexpensive activities to create to use in the classroom setting while encouraging strengthening of the hand muscles. Use them for academics, sensory diets, emotions and coordination.   Head over to www.YourTherapySource.com/freeclothespin for all the details.  


Simple Portable Clothes Line

Here is a simple idea to sneak in some clothes pin work on a portable clothes line. Just empty out a picture frame and hang some string. Make sure the child clips the clothes pins low down or they will flip due to the short line. Here are some suggested uses: 1. Make a puzzle. […]