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Bilateral Coordination and Academic Performance in Children

Pediatrics International published research on 100 Brazilian children (ages 8-11 years old)  evaluating interlimb coordination and its relationship to their academic performance.  Each child was assessed with the Bruininks–Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency and the Academic Performance Test. Participants were grouped into low (<25%) and high (>75%) academic achievers. The results indicated: a significant difference between groups […]

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Graded Motor Skill Interventions in Children with Coordination Disorders

Delays in motor skill development may affect academics, activities of daily living, concentration, emotional and social skills.  The Journal of Early Childhood Research reported on a study of children (ages 3-6) with coordination disorders who participated in motor skill interventions over the course of two years.   The Early Years Movement Skills (EYMSC) checklist and the […]

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Delayed Effects of Coordination Exercises on Attention Span in Children

Perceptual and Motor Skills published research on the effects of an acute bout of coordinative exercise in physical education on the attention of  90 primary school children.  The experimental group consisted of 48 children who received a cognitively demanding physical education 45 minute lesson consisting of different coordination exercises.  The control group consisted of 42 […]

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Visual Picture Cards for Catching Skills

Help children learn how to catch a ball with these step by step visual instructions. This is a freebie from the latest packet – Teaching Catching, Throwing and Kicking Skills.  You can download the picture cards here http://yourtherapysource.com/teachcatchthrowkickfreebie.html Get more information on the complete download here http://yourtherapysource.com/teachcatchthrowkick.html

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Motor Planning, Body Awareness and Finger Strengthening Ninja Style

Here is a fun FREEBIE for the Ninja loving fan from Ninja Brain Breaks!  This activity encourages motor planning, body awareness, finger strengthening and physical activity.  You can download the Ninja Clothes Pin Clip Activity here http://yourtherapysource.com/ninjafreebie.html Find out more about the complete Ninja Brain Breaks packet here –http://yourtherapysource.com/ninja.html 

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Quiet Eye Training to Help with Visual Motor Skills

Are you familiar with “Quiet Eye Training”?  This is a technique that attempts to get the eye to focus more instead of flicking about during coordination tasks.  It teaches the eye to look at the ball long enough to process the information.  The individual is reminded to briefly look at the exact spot where you […]

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Fine and Gross Motor Group Idea – Activity Balloon Bat

Here is a very simple make and take that include fine motor skills, gross motor skills and eye hand coordination skills. You will need a paper plate, paint stirrer or large craft stick, markers and a balloon for each child. Ask the children to think of physical activities that they can complete on their own […]

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Hidden Cups Video Activity

Watch this video activity idea that encourages fine motor skills, forearm pronation/supination, eye hand coordination, grading of movements and counting.  You can view it at http://www.yourtherapysource.com/videohiddencups.html [subscribe2]

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Motor Performance and Social-Communicative Impairment in Children with ADHD

The Journal of Attention Disorders published research on 11 children with ADHD – Combined Type (ADHD-CT) and 10 typically developing children as the control group.  Each child participated in an upper limb Fitts’ aiming task to measure motor performance and the Social Responsiveness Scale t0 measure social-communicative/autistic impairment. The following results were recorded: Children with ADHD-CT […]

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Cross Crawl Bilateral Coordination Exercise with Video Modeling

Here is our latest freebie from a new ebook entitled 25 Bilateral Coordination Exercises.  It is an instructional hand out on how to perform the Cross Crawl exercise, including a QR code to link to a video demonstration of the exercise.  You can download the freebie here – http://yourtherapysource.com/bilateralcoordinationfreebie.html If you are not familiar with QR […]