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If you work in occupational therapy, it can feel like a hamster wheel sometimes. You are so busy with your day to day schedules, working with all of your clients. This printable highlights the devotion and importance of occupational therapy – you can download it for free at the bottom of the post.

This job can get your brain thinking during work hours and outside of work hours for sure. In pediatrics or school based practice, much of the role of the occupational therapy provider is adaptation.

These are often not adaptations that are easy to provide since each child is an individual and presents with their own challenges and goals.

Often times, therapists collaborate with parents, other school staff, and other related service providers to find solutions to adapt the environment to help children reach their goals. Even social media can help crowd source an answer!

So remember that an OT provider is working hard to help their clients every single day to adapt activities, equipment, supplies, clothing, and more to help individuals be more independent.

How Does the Free Printable Importance of Occupational Therapy Poster Work?

All you need to do are these three steps:

  1. Sign up to download the freebie at the bottom of the post.
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When and Where Is A Good Time to Use This Poster?

OT Providers can use these free printable importance of occupational therapy:

  • to celebrate OT month.
  • for highlighting the importance of adapting activities to achieve independence.
  • to hang up in the OT room or hallway.
  • to post on a bulletin board during Open House nights.

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