Morning Breathing Exercises for Kids

If you’re looking for a good way to start off the day, look no further than breathing exercises. Morning breathing exercises are a simple and effective way to begin your school day. Are your your students (or yourself) stressed or anxious? Perhaps you simply want to ground your students and have them center their thoughts. This sunshine breath activity can be helpful to start your day off in a positive light.

There are many different morning breathing exercises you can do, sunshine breath is one example to help you start the day calm and relaxed, no matter how stressful it may be! If you need more ideas, check out the Breathing Breaks digital packet.

Morning Breathing Exercises – Sunshine Breath

Find a patch of sunshine near a window or go outdoors if you can. If you are home and trying this exercises and your child is in bed, just open the curtains, and let the sunshine in.

To begin, together, reach your arms up, come up as high as you can on your tippy-toes and reach for the sun! Hold on and bring the sun into your heart. Fold your arms in, hands to heart, as if gathering in sunshine into your body.

With your hands still on your heart lightly, take a nice deep breath in and let the sunshine expand in your heart. Usually the kids like to exaggerate this and pretend like they are puffing up like big balloons – just let your child or students act it out however they wish.

Now, exhale, let it go …..and share the sunshine with all of your friends (let your arms open out wide as you exhale, like you are giving the sunshine away to everyone)! Repeat a few times.

Group Activity

If you want to making the morning breathing exercises a group activity for during morning meeting, you can name someone you want to share your sunshine with and pass it to them. Then that student names someone else and passes the sunshine breath to the next person.

Always remember to end sharing the sunshine breath with the whole world. After all, that’s what the sun does – share her energy with each and every one of us.

It’s a good lesson for all of us, and gets your morning in motion full of appreciation for the sunshine all around you, right in this moment, reminding you that each day is full of potential to be wondrous and glorious!

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