Free Visual Motor Animal I Spy

Check out this awesome FREE visual motor animal I spy. Look and finds are great but sometimes they are only a visual discrimination and figure ground activity. This freebie combines both of those visual perceptual skills with fine motor and visual motor skills because the students have to color the correct animal. And it isn’t super hard either!

This freebie is from the complete Animal Seek and Find PDF packet. It requires no prep at all, just print and go. The kids will love this! This activity will help kids with visual scanning, visual motor skills, visual discrimination, and physical activity.

How to Use the Visual Motor Animal I Spy Freebie

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  2. Download the PDF and print the worksheet.
  3. Students can color the animals when they find the match.

What Skills Do Students Practice When They Complete This Activity?

The animal I spy activity works on the following skills:

  • visual scanning
  • visual discrimination
  • figure ground skills
  • visual motor skills
  • fine motor skills

When Should Students Use this Freebie?

The printables are perfect anytime for:

  • early finishers
  • fine motor stations
  • carry over activities at home
  • Occupational therapy session activity

More Activities to Help Students with Visual Perceptual Skills

Here are additional creative and helpful resources to help your students with their visual perceptual skills:

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Download your Animal I Spy Freebie Here

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