Extended Time for Tests – What Does the Research Say?

Extended time for tests what does the research say

Extended Time for Tests – What Does the Research Say? If you work with students with ADHD, you are most likely familiar with the accommodation of extended time for tests.  Many students with ADHD and other disabilities have extended time of varying degrees for certain subjects.  Recent research examined the objective effectiveness of extended examination time. […]


Tips for Students Who Complete School Work Slowly

Students Who Complete School Work Slowly

Tips for Students Who Complete School Work Slowly Do you know students who complete school work slowly?  Maybe it is a student in your classroom, on your therapy caseload or your own child, but some students have difficulties with the ability to complete school work within the time constraints of a class period, school day […]

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Action Plan for Implementing Modifications in the Classroom

When students require modifications in the classroom it can be beneficial to put an action plan into place to ensure that the modifications are actually helping the student.  Sometimes school based therapists, students or school psychologists recommend modifications to occur in the classroom on a day to day basis.  It is important to make sure […]

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8 Playtime Modifications for Children with Disabilities

Whether it be at home, daycare, school or extracurricular activities, children with disabilities may benefit from modifications during playtime. Here are 8 questions to ask when assessing a child’s needs during playtime: Does the environment need to be modified? If the physical environment is adapted perhaps the child will be able to be more independent […]

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3 Simple Organizational Tips for Students

Students desks can get very messy but when a student has difficulties with organizational skills it can be even more difficult.  Pencils roll away, worksheets get lost or crumpled and books are on the floor.  Here are three simple ways to clean up and organize that desk space: 1.  The Anti Roll Pencil – just […]

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Self Regulated Strategy Development

Self regulated strategy development (SRSD) is an instructional model to teach writing strategies to students.   SRSD has been researched and shown to result in significant and meaningful improvements in writing knowledge, writing quality, writing approach, self-regulation skills, and motivation.  School based occupational therapists may focus on the actual skill of handwriting and also the […]

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5 Tips to Help Students Be Independent with Modifications

Modifications to the school environment can greatly benefit students with disabilities. School staff needs to teach students to be independent in making sure that modifications are in place in the learning environment.  It is not our job to simple recommend modifications it is also our job as educators/therapists to ensure that the modifications are carried […]

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Compare Pointing Device Use: Mouse? Track Pad? Trackball?…

Have you ever heard of Fitt’s Law? “Fitts’s Law allows to predict a time it takes a user to point at an object using a specific pointing device (such as a mouse, trackball, trackpad, or even a finger)”. At a website about Fitt’s Law – http://fww.few.vu.nl/hci/interactive/fitts/, you can collect data on how long it takes a […]

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5 Steps to Promote Participation of Children with Disabilities in Physical Activities

This week on the blog the focus will be on exercise participation and children with disabilities.  The recommended amount of physical activity daily for children is at least 60 minutes per day. This can be difficult to accomplish for any children with the busy schedules that face this young generation today. For children with disabilities, […]

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Accommodation for Shoe Tying?

I came across a young soccer player wearing this on her indoor soccer sneakers this past weekend. This was a new product to me but I thought it was worth a mention although I have not personally used these. It is worn over the laces to make sure the sneakers stay tied during the game. […]