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Q&A with the Creators of EazyHold – Flexible Universal Cuffs

Once in awhile, a new product hits the market that can be a game changer.  In my opinion, the EazyHold flexible universal cuffs, appear to have accomplished this by helping children (and adults) with physical disabilities.  Since I have a big interest in entrepeneurship, I thought it would be great to hear about the story […]

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5 Tips to Promote Participation of Children with Disabilities in Physical Activities

The recommended amount of physical activity daily for children is at least 60 minutes per day. This can be difficult to accomplish for any children with the busy schedules that face this young generation today. For children with disabilities, this can be very difficult to achieve each day for various reasons. Pediatric occupational and physical […]

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Adaptations for Daily Routines Using Arms and Hands

The Tots ‘n Tech Research Institute (TnT) is an inter-university collaboration between Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia and Arizona State University. They publish information and resources on technology for infants and toddlers. In March 2010 they published a newsletter entitled Using Arms and Hands in Activities and Routines. It offers low tech solutions for 12 daily […]