Finger Fidget or Finger Warm Up Exercises

Finger Fidget

Finger Fidget or Finger Warm Up Exercises Here is a super simple and super cheap do-it-yourself project to make finger fidgets.  These bead finger fidgets can be used to occupy busy hands for wiggly students or to warm up the fingers before fine motor or handwriting activities.  Obviously, do not use these with young children […]


Alphabet Playdough Mat – Letter Aa

Alphabet Playdough Mat Letter Aa

Alphabet Playdough Mat – Letter Aa This free letter Aa alphabet play dough mat encourages a multisensory approach to learning the letters.  The black and white letter Aa mat includes an area to make the letter with play dough, visual scan for the letter to cover it up and hide the animal behind the play […]

10 Finger Games to Play

10 Finger games to play

Are you ever looking for finger games to play with just your hands?  All pediatric therapists love a good game that requires no equipment right? They are great to play to practice finger isolation, timing and dexterity.  Try using the games as a warm up activity for handwriting tasks or fine motor skill practice.  Here […]

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Pumpkin Workout and Brain Break

Need a quick brain break in the classroom or burn off some excess energy before homework?  Try this no-prep, pumpkin workout!  Can you complete each exercise for the letters in the word P-U-M-P-K-I-N? P is for 10 push ups. U is for 10 up and down squats. M is for marching in place for 30 […]

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Visual Perceptual Clothes Pin Games

I am so excited about this new download, Visual Perceptual Clothes Pin Games, that combines visual perceptual skills, hand strengthening and play skills. The first game is the Dinosaur Shadow Game.  It includes four different dinosaurs to pin your clothes pins on if your dinosaur matches the shadow on the board game. The next game […]

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Can you Set the Record?

Can you set the record to be the fastest?  Try this challenge from the Set the Record packet. Download it here http://yourtherapysource.com/setrecordfreebie.html The Set the Record packet challenges fine motor, gross motor, oral motor and visual motor skills with a fun game!  This packet is great for small spaces, individual children or a group.  Find […]

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Free Fold and Cut Smile Project

Here is a freebie to practice fine motor skills, scissor skills, visual motor skills and following directions – Fold and Cut Smile project.  You can download it on the website at http://yourtherapysource.com/kirigamifreebie.html Find out more about the complete Kirigami for Kids.

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Simple Shape Turkey

Brain Breaks for Thanksgiving

After seeing this craft over at Toddler Approved, I figured this would be perfect for little fingers to work on scissor skills, shape identification and simple drawing skills. We started out by cutting out a circle and some colorful shapes from construction paper.  We glued the shapes into the white circle. Next, cut out a […]

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Pipe Cleaners and Straws

Here are three fun, unique fine and visual motor activities using pipe cleaners and straws.  Start by having the child cut up straws and some pipe cleaners into smaller pieces. 1. Alphabet:  The straws are the straight lines of letters and the pipe cleaners are the curves. 2.  Modern Colander Art: Stick pipe cleaners into […]

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Flower Fine Motor Activities for Spring

Here are three different ideas using the same materials to encourage fine motor skills.  To find out how to make the activities go to Your Therapy Source at http://www.YourTherapySource.com/freeflowers