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Pipe Cleaners and Straws

Here are three fun, unique fine and visual motor activities using pipe cleaners and straws.  Start by having the child cut up straws and some pipe cleaners into smaller pieces. 1. Alphabet:  The straws are the straight lines of letters and the pipe cleaners are the curves. 2.  Modern Colander Art: Stick pipe cleaners into […]

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Flower Fine Motor Activities for Spring

Here are three different ideas using the same materials to encourage fine motor skills.  To find out how to make the activities go to Your Therapy Source at http://www.YourTherapySource.com/freeflowers

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Research on a Collaborative Fine Motor Program

Ingrid King, OT, has written research on a collaborative fine motor program for 5 year old children in New Zealand.  A two phased mixed method design was utilized with 19 students in a 5 year old classroom (none of the students were receiving occupational therapy nor had a diagnosis).  To measure changes in fine motor […]

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4 FREE Valentine’s Day Printables for OT and PT

Here are 4 free last minute printables for OT and PT to help celebrate Valentine’s Day. 1.  Valentine’s Day Brain Break 2.  Conversation Heart Clothes Pins 3.  Multisensory Handwriting Freebie – Valentine’s Day 4.  Valentine Pencil Critters to cut, fold and create. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!!!!

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Dot Phonics Fine motor and Visual Motor Mazes Free Sample Page

Download a free sample page for the letters Y and Z to challenge phonemic awareness, fine motor and visual motor skills.  When you download the free sample page there are also 8 different suggestions of how to differentiate the lesson based on the child’s abilities.  You can download the sample pages and ideas at    http://www.yourtherapysource.com/dotphonicsfreebie.html

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Fine Motor Bean Matching Boards

Print out the matching bean boards and read the directions to create this fine motor, visual perceptual and graded muscle control challenge.  Modifications included to add in physical activity to the task.  You can read about it and download the matching boards for free at http://www.yourtherapysource.com/freebeans.html

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Flower Fine Motor Activity

Flower Fine Motor Activity for Fall Here is a fun flower activity for Fall. Write the child’s name, a shape or a pattern. Pick some Fall flowers. We used mums. Have the child squeeze some glue onto the first letter and spread it around. Use scissors to cut the petals or pull the petals off […]

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Letter Hunt Freebie

Letter Hunt Freebie Download the letter Bb hunt to find 13 upper case and 13 lower case letters.  You can circle the letters, place stickers over the letters, use dot markers or color in the picture.  Head over to http://www.yourtherapysource.com/letterhuntfreebie to download the letter Bb hunt.