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Visual Memory Challenge

Challenge memory skills with this freebie.  Study the 12 objects from the zoo, cover it up and see how many you can remember.  Download the freebie and some more game ideas to create to test your visual memory skills. Download the Memory Challenge freebie here. Check out the entire Memory Challenge which includes 3 versions of […]

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Working Memory Exercises – Farm Animal Freebie

Here is a freebie to practice working memory skills.  This freebie is one of the Level 1 exercises. Working Memory Exercises encourage: visual memory skills working memory skills handwriting practice executive function skills You can download the activity at http://yourtherapysource.com/workingmemoryfreebie.html You can find out more information about the Working Memory Exercises Level 1 and Level 2 […]

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Physical Activity, Executive Function and ADHD

Research in Developmental Disabilities published research on 43 children with ADHD between 7-12 years old to determine if there are effects of different types of physical activity on executive functioning.  A 12 week training program included two different groups: experimental group 1 (EG1) included 13 children who participated in ball handling, balance and manual dexterity […]

Simple Visual Memory Game

Test your visual memory skills with this simple game.  Gather up objects from around the house, school or therapy room.  Put several objects on a tray or in a box.  Have the child look at what is on the tray for a short period of time.  Have the child close their eyes and remove one […]