Sluggish Cognitive Tempo – What is it and how can you help?

Sluggish Cognitive Tempo in children includes behaviors such as being slow to complete tasks, easily confused, mentally foggy, drowsiness, frequently lost in thought, inactivity, decreased effort over time, and/or lacking initiative.  It may sound similar to inattentive ADHD and the symptoms do overlap but SCT is different.

Do you work with certain children and you find yourself always saying “hurry” or “finish up”? Perhaps you observe in the classroom that certain students are always last when completing assignments even when they are focused and paying attention. Maybe their speed is slower when completing motor skill tasks or you wonder if they are […]

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5 Physical Activities to Increase Power in Children

The definition of power is (force x distance) ÷ time.  In other words power is the product of strength and speed over time.  Many times children who receive therapy services exhibit a decrease in power.  For example, perhaps a child can jump forward but does not have the power to jump forward long distances over the […]

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Using Metronome Apps to Teach Gross Motor Skills

Lately, I have been using a free metronome app on the iPhone to help teach gross motor skills.  There are several metronome apps so pick the one that works best for you.  I downloaded this one since it was free and it works fine for my purposes. Basically you can set the beat on the […]