Printable Yoga Worksheet for Kids – FREE

Are your students up for a physical and visual challenge? If yes, this printable yoga worksheet for kids is perfect and it is FREE!

Are your students up for a physical and visual challenge?  If yes, this printable yoga worksheet for kids is perfect and it is FREE!  The Move and Match printable yoga worksheet for kids instructs them to move their body like each yoga pose and then draw a line matching the yoga pose to the correct […]

Find and Count the Bees from Brain Workouts

Can you find and count the correct number of bees?  This is a perfect puzzles to get in a brain workout.  Challenge visual discrimination skills, visual motor skills and counting skills with this freebie. DOWNLOAD THE FIND AND COUNT THE BEES ACTIVITY Brain Workouts Volume 1:  This digital document encourages children to have fun, be […]

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Ultimate Visual Motor Challenge

Here is a FREE ultimate visual motor challenge with two difficulty levels.  Can you copy the lines and shapes exactly onto the blank grid? The color version is slightly easier than the black and white version.  The colors are easier to distinguish differences but you must match each color to the correct line and shape […]

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Summer Olympic Games Freebie Activity

The Summer Olympic Games are only a few weeks away!  This Summer Olympic games freebie activity, Find and Color, is a fun way to encourage visual discrimination and visual motor skills with a Summer Olympic theme.  Find the medal winners and color them the correct color.  This visual perceptual puzzle is just one from the […]

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Superhero Match Up Fine Motor and Memory Activity

Challenge fine motor and memory skills with this Superhero Match Up freebie from the Superhero packet.  Print and laminate the page. Using thumb, index and middle finger create small balls of clay. Flatten each ball between thumb and index finger. Place clay over each circle. Player one removes two pieces of clay. If it is a […]

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11 Free Handwriting, Fine, Gross and Visual Perceptual Printables for Summer

Need some quick, easy, ideas for summer time to practice handwriting, fine motor, gross motor and visual perceptual skills?  Check out all of these free printables that are all set to go to entertain and encourage learning in children over the summer. 15 Ways to Play with a Beach Ball – print this out and attach […]

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Fine Motor and Visual Motor Ice Cream Activities

The weather is finally warming up which makes ice cream my new favorite dessert (actually I eat ice cream all year long but I love it even more during the summer time).  Here is a brand new Ice Cream packet that includes fine motor, gross motor, visual perceptual and handwriting practice with an ice cream […]

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Butterflies, Bugs and Blocks

Print this Butterfly, Bugs and Blocks freebie to practice fine motor, visual motor, visual closure and visual discrimination skills.  You can download the freebie at Your Therapy Source Inc. Need more building block ideas?  Check out the freebies and download with Building Block Patterns and Games.

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Colored Caps Fine Motor and Visual Spatial Activity

I happen to love colored dots and index cards so this activity is a win-win for me!  Plus it is super simple to set up, lightweight and small to toss into the therapy bag and can be modified in so many different ways.   So all you need to do is start off with some […]