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Free App Friday – Some Fun Apps

There are a few good apps that are free today, 2/28/14.  Here they are: 1.  Toca Boca Doctor:   https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/toca-doctor/id424209938?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 – This is a great app for young children.  It challenges visual perceptual skills, visual motor skills and eye hand coordination.  It works well as a reward – complete a certain number  of tasks and the child is rewarded with a mini […]

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Using Calculator Tape for Visual Motor Tasks

Here are a few ideas using calculator tape to practice visual motor skills and other developmental skills.  By setting up various tasks, the child will have to cross midline, use both sides of the body, visually track the letters/numbers and use visual motor skills. Use some calculator tape to create a long line of letters, […]

Shrimp Cocktail Game Review

  I received several complimentary games including, Shrimp Cocktail, from BlueOrange games to test out. We have been having loads of fun with it.  Basically, you want to identify what matches on three cards – either color, size, number or hat style. Once you find a match for all three you grab the starfish and announce […]

Toy Review – Stenzzles

Stenzzles is a new type of puzzle created by ThinkFun.  I received a complimentary copy of the puzzle to review for the blog.  This sports collection Stenzzles was a fun, challenging layered puzzle.  Basically, you match the layers of colors in the puzzle to the picture provided.  There are 8 different cards that can be […]


Puzzle Reinforcer

Here is a quick tip to reinforce visual perceptual skills during a therapy session or anytime.  Each time the child completes a task or activity give him/her one puzzle piece.  Continue doing tasks and giving one puzzle piece each time.  When the entire activity is complete and if the puzzle is finished the child gets […]