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Dynamic Core for Kids 
Dates of course: On going
Location(s): Online

Therapists document challenges with core stability in the majority of children who are experiencing motor challenges, regardless of diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Cerebral Palsy (CP), Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), hypotonia, etc.

Join us for an exciting 2-day course that integrates current theory and practice in pediatric treatment with a systems approach that is anchored in a neuromuscular model of core recruitment, using breathing as an access point for all children.

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Primitive Reflexes: Foundations Course
Location(s): : Online

Brief Description of course:: Open enrollment starting on the 1st of every month!  This course includes access the following shorter courses:

Maintaining Brains Everyday
-6 reflex integration exercises plus 4 additional exercises for vestibular and strength improvement

Primitive Reflexes: Foundations for Learning
-7 primitive reflexes: testing, integration, background and research for Moro, Palmar, TLR, Spinal Galant, ATNR, STNR and Fear Paralysis

Harnessing Learning Potential Video Series
-60 short videos on improving learning.

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Phone: (518) 812-8735
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Alert Program Online Course
Dates of course: : 27 / 06 / 2017
Location(s):  Online

Brief Description of course: If your body is like a car engine, sometimes it runs on high, sometimes it runs on low and sometimes it runs just right. When teachers, parents, or therapists use these simple words with children to begin the Alert Program®, they support self-regulation, self-esteem and self-monitoring skills. Enroll in our online training (and/or use our books, songs and games) to learn how easy it is to help children keep their engines running just right at home or school.

The Alert Program® has been adapted for all ages and all types of disabilities including autism. Typically those children with high functioning autism enjoy using the engine analogy or choose their own special area of interest such as favorite animals, dinosaurs or even Winnie the Pooh characters to describe how alert they feel.

If children are developmentally younger than the age of eight, are non-verbal, or have other learning challenges where talking about engine would be too abstract, the adults (parents, teachers, and other caregivers) learn what they can do to set children up for success, even if the child does not participate in labeling their engine level. Through the Alert Program® adults learn how they can support sensory diets and be detectives in determining what best meets children’s needs for optimal functioning.

This online training, taught by the co-authors, Mary Sue Williams and Sherry Shellenberger, offers practical, low-budget activities you can use immediately in homes, classrooms or therapy sessions. Join the countless professionals and parents world-wide who help children succeed step by step through approach of the Alert Program®. You’ll find out why thousands have said, “this is one of the best workshops I have ever attended.”
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