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New Option for Augmentative Communication

Came across this new tool for augmentative communication called Tap2Talk. Seems like a nice alternative for augmentative communication. Watch the video for how it works. The positive features are: the price point, no Internet access is required, cool age appropriate tool and you can put in your own pictures and voice. One negative is that […]


Upper Extremity Activity in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology published research on 23 children (age range 8-18 years old) with cerebral palsy (21 hemiplegia and 2 spastic diplegia). The purpose of the study was to determine a relationship between muscle strength, tone and range of motion and functional hand skills. The results indicated that active supination range, strength and […]

Great Activity Idea for Fine Motor Skill Development – Fingarings

I just finished reading about this creative activity idea in the current issue of Advance for OT’s. The article, written by Cumba Siegler OTR/L, explains how to create “fingarings” out of Sculpty clay. She describes how to create rings for the fingers out of clay. She then offers several activity suggestions for the “fingarings”. This […]

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Environmental Changes to Physical Spaces in Schools

A researcher from NJIT, Architect B. Lynn Hutchings, offers suggestions for schools to make changes to the physical lay out of buildings to accommodate for students with disabilities. Some of her suggestions are: 1. Inter-disperse related services such as speech, occupational and physical therapy throughout the school 2. Auditoriums should have ramped aisles and stages. […]

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Children with Cold Hands and Feet

Here is something to consider when working with children who have neurological disorders. A recent thesis study revealed that children in wheelchairs with neurological disorders have different skin temperatures than in children without neurological disorders. The study showed that in children with neurological disorders the temperature of the feet was three degrees colder and the […]

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5 Ways to Develop A Personal Learning Network for Pediatric OT/PTs

Pediatric occupational and physical therapists frequently practice independently within the schools and clinics. Unless you work for a large school district or children’s hospital, therapists can feel very alone when it comes to having a personal learning community around them. Sure therapists interact with children, parents and teachers but sometimes finding other therapists to bounce […]