Shoe Lacing Techniques?

I came across this blogpost, Running Shoe Lacing Techniques, regarding different ways to tie your running sneakers based on different issues you are having with your sneakers or feet.  I have never tried different lacing techniques to help the foot position of children.  For children with mild delays this might be an inexpensive technique to […]


Motor Skills, Emotions and Autism

Autism published research on the relationship between motor skills, emotional/behavioral disturbances and autism.  The sample consisted of 22 children with Asperger’s disorder (AD), 23 children with high functioning autism (HFA), 8 children with low functioning autism (LFD) and 20 typically developing children.  Two assessments were completed for each child: Movement Assessment Battery for Children to measure of […]

Rite Aid Health and Wellness Grant

Rite Aid is offering grants to programs that support health and wellness in the communities that Rite Aid operates.  The award amounts vary and it is available non profit organizations.  The grant application is due January 1, 2013.  You can find out more information here.

Gross Motor Function and Manual Abilities in Cerebral Palsy

The Journal of Child Neurology published research on the relationship between gross motor function and manual ability in cerebral palsy. Three hundred thirty two (332) Canadian children with cerebral palsy were included in the study. There was moderate overall agreement between the Gross Motor Function Classification System and Manual Ability Classification Scale Levels with a […]