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Coloring Shape Stencils

Coloring Shape StencilsHow cool is this project?  It reminds me of a zentangle which I always find very calming to do.  There are two ways to complete this activity to encourage visual motor skills, grading of movements and visual spatial skills.

1.  Doodle Shape Stencils – Draw any random doodle all over a piece of paper with black marker.  The paper should not be too large.  Using stencils, trace a few shapes over the doodle.  Now color in the doodle inside the shape.  

2.  Printed Paper Shape Stencils – Print out a page from Geometric Patterns and Shapes Coloring Book or print out the freebie.    Using stencils, trace a few shapes over the page.  Only color inside the shapes.  

Want to make it easier?  Perhaps try these suggestions: outline each shape with dark marker so the child can clearly see the boundary lines or just color inside the entire shape instead of each intricate smaller doodle or shape.  

Want to change it up?  Use letter stencils and write a name instead of shape stencils.


Geometric SHapes and Patterns Coloring Book

This download is a collection of 60 different geometric patterns and shapes to color. Challenge children’s visual and fine motor skills while creating works of colorful art.  Find out more information at http://yourtherapysource.com/geometric.html