OT Life Hacks

OT Life Hacks

During the month of July the AOTA and other associations have banded together to promote #OTLifeHacks on social media.  A life hack is any trick, shortcut, skill, or new method that helps to solve an everyday problem.  Abby over at OT Cafe at http://abbypediatricot.blogspot.com/2014/07/otlifehack.html encouraged some other therapy bloggers to join in the #OTLifeHack fun. Here are 3 life hacks from Your Therapy Source:

Straw cup

1.  Clothespin Straw – make a hands free cup and straw.  Read more details at https://www.yourtherapysource.com/freestraw.html

rug gripper

2.  Rug Grippers – create some non skid mats for gross motor activities.  Read more at https://www.yourtherapysource.com/blog1/2013/02/12/rug-gripper-and-gross-motor-skills/

organizational tips

3.  Organizational Hacks – create 3 handy organizational tools for a student’s desk.  Read more at https://www.yourtherapysource.com/blog1/2014/06/20/3-simple-organizational-tips-for-students/

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