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Get Moving and Learning with Dr. Jean

get moving and learning with Dr JeanI am not sure if you have ever heard of Dr. Jean but she is an amazing early childhood educator who has authored many books, written songs and produced videos.  She is a huge supporter of encouraging movement with learning.  Here are some of my most favorite Dr. Jean videos for combining movement and learning for counting, phonics, letter identification and handwriting. I love her slow, methodical, repetitive movements.

Practice fine motor skills while cheering the alphabet.

Some simple arm strengthening exercises while you practice counting to 100.

Get moving while learning the letter sounds with Phonercise.

How about some karate writing to reinforce which letters start at the top, middle or have a tail? Check out Karate letters.

If you need more ideas or “offline” ideas to encourage movement and learning check out Get Up and Learn ebook at https://www.yourtherapysource.com/getuplearn.html

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