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Self Regulation, Yoga and Preschoolers

Self Regulation, Yoga and PreschoolersA recent yearlong study was published in the Journal of Child and Family Studies on 29 children ages 3-5 to evaluate the effectiveness of mindfulness-based yoga intervention on self-regulation skills.  Sixteen of the preschoolers participated in a mindful yoga intervention group taught by the classroom teacher.  Parent reports and assessments were completed on children’s self-regulation (i.e., attention, delay of gratification and inhibitory control).  The results indicated the following:

  1.  the assessments showed significant effects of the mindful yoga intervention on all three indices of self-regulation.
  2. some evidence showed that the children who were most at risk of self-regulation dysfunction benefited the most from the mindful yoga intervention.

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Reference:  Razza, Rachel A., Dessa Bergen-Cico, and Kimberly Raymond. “Enhancing preschoolers’ self-regulation via mindful yoga.” Journal of Child and Family Studies 24.2 (2015): 372-385.