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Superhero Match Up Fine Motor and Memory Activity

Superhero Packet Freebie

Challenge fine motor and memory skills with this Superhero Match Up freebie from the Superhero packet.  Print and laminate the page. Using thumb, index and middle finger create small balls of clay. Flatten each ball between thumb and index finger. Place clay over each circle. Player one removes two pieces of clay. If it is a match, keep the clay. If it is not a match, make the clay into a ball, flatten it and return back over the circles. Continue taking turns. The winner is the player with the largest ball of clay at the end of the game.

Option 2:  Use pennies to cover the circles instead of clay. Keep the pennies if you find a match.

Option 3: Print 2 copies. Cut out all the small squares. Play a memory card game with the mini cards.

Go to the Superhero Packet page and scroll down to download the Superhero Match Up freebie.

Superhero Packet




Find out more information on the Superhero Packet.