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Homemade Play Dough Recipes and Activity Ideas

Homemade Play Dough Recipes and Activity Ideas

Pediatric therapists, parents and teachers use homemade play dough recipes daily. Here is a collection of fun ones from the Internet to explore.

1. Recipes for Sensory Fun: This is a nice 5 page download created by a therapy company to hand out to parents.

2. Nuture Store – Let’s Play with Dough – includes three recipes, suggestions to add to your dough play time and learning activities with play dough.  This would make a great parent handout.

3. Gluten Free Dough Recipes: Anyone who works with or has children on a gluten free diet here is lots of suggested products and recipes.

Need some suggestions and activity ideas to use the clay or play dough? Check out:

Creative Clay Activities

1. Creative Clay Activities – Includes the following activities: Animal Charade Cards, Food/ Drink Charade Cards, Snowy Clay, Rainy Clay, Steamroller Clay, Snake in the Woods, Clay Patterns, Clay Scavenger Hunt, Four In A Row and 26 Letter Sheets to promote tactile kinesthetic awareness of letters.

Clay Play Mats2. Clay Play Mats – This is a collection of 6 clay play mats that encourage: muscle strengthening of the hands, fine motor skills, visual memory,
counting and number identification.

Clay Faces

3.  Clay Faces – Free download to create clay faces on templates.


4.  Hedgehog Clay game – directions and pictures to play this fun fine motor game.


5.  Copy the Clay Monsters – Copy these clay monster cards to encourage finger and hand strengthening, visual spatial skills and fine motor skills.