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Letter b and d Confusion – Letter Reversal Freebie

Do your students struggle with letter reversals? Often time, students may struggle with letter b and d confusion. These free printables can help reinforce the direction of the letter B and D. You can download it for free at the bottom of the post.

How to Use the Letter b and d Confusion Freebie

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  2. Download the PDF and print the four pages or mark up the PDF using a Chrome extension like Kami.
  3. Students can make a path through the mazes for the lower case b and d. Color in the letters B and D facing the correct direction.

What Skills Do Students Practice When They Complete This Activity?

The Letter b and d Confusion – Letter Reversal Freebie on the following skills:

  • letter identification
  • directions of the letters Bb and Dd
  • visual motor skills
  • visual spatial skills
This poster is included in the Handwriting Stations Digital Packet

When Should Students Do The Letter b and d Confusion – Letter Reversal Freebie?

The printables are perfect anytime for:

  • handwriting practice
  • carry over activities
  • Occupational therapy session

More Activities to Help Students with Letter Reversals

Download your FREE Letter b and d Confusion – Letter Reversal Freebie Here

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Illustrations by Zinako used under a Shutterstock License

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