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Goal Setting and Mood Chart for Kids – FREE

Goal setting and mood charts for kids can be helpful tools for children and adults alike. You can download a FREE copy of a star goal and mood chart at the bottom of this blog post.

Goal setting and mood charts for kids can be helpful tools for children and adults alike. Download your free copy from Your Therapy Source.

What is the Purpose of a Mood Chart for Kids?

A mood chart for kids can provide a visual representation of how someone is feeling on any given day. By tracking moods, individuals can become more aware of their own emotions and understand why they may feel a certain way at different points in time. 

Mood charts can also help to identify patterns in emotional behavior and potentially lead to making positive changes. 

There are many different ways to create a mood chart, so finding one that works best for you is important. This FREE chart is from the complete Goal Tracker packet where you can choose from 18 different charts for throughout the year. Hopefully, these will give you some ideas on how to start tracking your child’s moods!

How does the FREE Emotions Chart Work?

All you need to do is follow these three steps to access the printable feelings charts

  1. Sign up to receive the weekly email newsletters and announcements from Your Therapy Source.
  2. You will be redirected to the download page where you can print the star-themed goal and mood chart for kids.
  3. Use colored pencils or crayons to create the emotions code or set a daily goal.  Color in the start the correct color for each day of the month.

How to Use the Goal and Mood Chart for Kids

Once you have downloaded the free mood chart for kids, explain to the students in your classroom or at home, the code at the bottom of the chart that has four common emotions. These charts are great for younger children or older children to express their different emotions and to help them to reach their goals.

For the MOOD chart, the kids have to pick four different colors to represent the 4 feeling faces. Once they color in the code, explain to them that on each day of the month they will color in based on their different feelings each day.

For the GOAL chart (the first chart in the free PDF), your students will set a daily goal. Explain to them, that each day they will color in a star if they completed their daily goal.

If the child wants to color in an object every day whether they reach their goal or not, you could set a color code for the goal sheet using two colors.  One color for YES they completed the daily goal and a different color for if they did NOT complete the daily goal.

When is a Good Time to Use these Habit Trackers?

These charts are often called habit trackers. This type of monitoring is an easy way for people to track their progress on forming a new habit. It’s very helpful when it comes to trying something new, like reading more often or exercising each day. 

Making goals and keeping them in mind can be difficult at times, but with the use of a simple paper journal, things become much easier! There are so many different options for this type of tool; and it is an easy tool to implement to help your students.

You can use these goal and mood chart for kids to monitor daily:

  • emotions
  • reading logs
  • exercises
  • brain breaks
  • carry over activities at home
  • homework
  • and more!

What are the Benefits of Using these Monthly Goal Setting Charts?

Your students will have a huge sense of success when they see their completed charts at the end of the month. Whether the charts show the different kids of emotions they have expressed all month or working on reaching their goals, they will have a sense of satisfaction.

And remember, this is a fun way for therapists and teachers to track their own progress as well. These charts are suitable for kindergarten students, elementary students, teens, and adults!

This type of tracking help supports good mental health because it helps your students recognize that it is okay that every day is not a perfect day. 

In addition, hopefully, it can help you reduce behavioral problems by using the chart to track patterns to determine antecedents to your student’s emotions.

When we track and achieve our goals it helps to create a positive self-image of ourselves teaching us that we can accomplish anything we want.

BONUS: Students will be self-generating data!!! If you have students with specific goals this is a great way for them to take ownership and participate in monitoring their progress.

Want More Goal Setting and Mood Charts for Kids?

If you want goal setting and mood charts for all year long, the complete Goal Sheets for Students includes 18 different trackers. These goal sheets make it easy for students to keep track of their progress to achieve a goal from start to finish. 

Download your FREE Goal and Mood Chart for Kids Here

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