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5 Tips to Promote Participation of Children with Disabilities in Physical Activities

The recommended amount of physical activity daily for children is at least 60 minutes per day. This can be difficult to accomplish for any children with the busy schedules that face this young generation today. For children with disabilities, this can be very difficult to achieve each day for various reasons. Pediatric occupational and physical […]

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Benefits of Tai Chi for Children

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese type of exercise program with its roots coming from martial arts. It emphasizes a mind body connection using slow, gentle movements, meditation and deep breathing. Tai chi requires all the major muscle groups and joints to complete the slow, gentle movements. Tai chi has been shown to improve balance, […]

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Recent Wii and Kinect Research

Gait and Posture recently published two articles on the use of the Wii and the Kinect.  The research indicated the following: When compared to multiple camera 3D motion analysis, the Microsoft Kinect was able to validly assess kinematic strategies of postural control.  The forward reach, lateral reach and single limb stance eye closed were used […]

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Including Preschoolers

Head Start Body Start presented a webinar on including preschoolers with special needs in active play today. This webinar had lots of great ideas – some therapists would be familiar with and perhaps some are new information. Here are a few tips that I found helpful: “teach children how to stop before you teach them […]

Children with Disabilities Participation in PE and Extracurricular Activities

The Department of Education has published a report entitled Creating Equal Opportunities for Children and Youth with Disabilities to Participate in Physical Education and Extracurricular Activities. It is a 24 page report that provides an overview on the law, guidelines for physical activity and suggestions to increase opportunities. Here is a summary: IDEA and Section […]

Adaptive Physical Education?

School based therapists are frequently involved in providing intervention techniques and environmental modifications during physical education class. Whether it be pre-teaching skills, practicing motor skills or modifying the environment, here are two documents that are very helpful in deciding whether adaptive physical education is warranted. 1. Observation and Referral Form for Adaptive Physical Education – […]