Rhythmic Movement Training and Rhythmic Movement Courses

Rhythmic Movement Training and Courses

Rhythmic Movement Training and Courses What is Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT)?  It is a movement based, primitive (infant or neo-natal) reflex integration program that uses developmental movements, gentle isometric pressure and self-awareness to rebuild the foundations necessary to help overcome sensory, emotional and behavioral challenges for children and adults. (this post contains affiliate links) Who provides […]

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Paint My Wings App for Double Doodles

Are you familiar with double doodles?  It is a Brain Gym® bilateral drawing activity to help with eye hand coordination, spatial awareness, right/left discrimination and visual discrimination skills.  Here is a new app that facilitates double doodling called Paint My Wings, from one of my favorite developers, Toca Boca.  Of course it is cute and […]

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Cross Crawl Bilateral Coordination Exercise with Video Modeling

Here is our latest freebie from a new ebook entitled 25 Bilateral Coordination Exercises.  It is an instructional hand out on how to perform the Cross Crawl exercise, including a QR code to link to a video demonstration of the exercise.  You can download the freebie here – https://yourtherapysource.com/bilateralcoordinationfreebie.html If you are not familiar with QR […]