Rhythmic Movement Training and Rhythmic Movement Courses

Rhythmic Movement Training and Courses

Rhythmic Movement Training and Courses What is Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT)?  It is a movement based, primitive (infant or neo-natal) reflex integration program that uses developmental movements, gentle isometric pressure and self-awareness to rebuild the foundations necessary to help overcome sensory, emotional and behavioral challenges for children and adults. (this post contains affiliate links) Who provides […]


5 FREE Brain Break Printables

Here are 5 FREE brain break printables from Your Therapy Source that you can print right away to get your students moving during the school day:  Switcheroo Brain Break Cards – You can download this great 4 page freebie to give to teachers to help students get the wiggles out and wake up the brain […]

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Paint My Wings App for Double Doodles

Are you familiar with double doodles?  It is a Brain Gym® bilateral drawing activity to help with eye hand coordination, spatial awareness, right/left discrimination and visual discrimination skills.  Here is a new app that facilitates double doodling called Paint My Wings, from one of my favorite developers, Toca Boca.  Of course it is cute and […]

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Cross Crawl Bilateral Coordination Exercise with Video Modeling

Here is our latest freebie from a new ebook entitled 25 Bilateral Coordination Exercises.  It is an instructional hand out on how to perform the Cross Crawl exercise, including a QR code to link to a video demonstration of the exercise.  You can download the freebie here – http://yourtherapysource.com/bilateralcoordinationfreebie.html If you are not familiar with QR […]

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Easy Quick Pick Brain Break for a Group

Here is a super easy brain break for a large group.  Have all the children stand in the middle of the room.   Designate one side of the room to be a certain activity i.e. running in place and the other side of the room to be a different activity i.e. squats.  Explain to the […]

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Brain Gym Warm Up Video

Found this Brain Gym video over on Pinterest.  This video offers some great visuals for bilateral coordination warm ups that require no equipment. Need more ideas for bringing movement into the classroom?Check out , Imagination Action Journeys and Classroom Activity Posters.