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6 Ways to Help Children Grade Their Movements

There are many reasons why a child may have difficulties with grading the amount of force to use when performing motor skills.  Some children may crash, bang, push too hard or land too hard when performing actions such as playing tag, running in a gym or jumping.  Other children may not push or pull hard […]

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Movement Scaling, Handwriting and ADHD

Journal of Attention Disorders published research on 14 boys with ADHD and 14 typically developing boys ages 7-15 years old.  Each child was assessed while writing a 10 mm and 40 mm cursive letter ‘l’.  The results indicated the following: the boys with ADHD were unable to maintain their writing accurately at 40 mm, falling […]

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Fine Motor Bean Matching Boards

Print out the matching bean boards and read the directions to create this fine motor, visual perceptual and graded muscle control challenge.  Modifications included to add in physical activity to the task.  You can read about it and download the matching boards for free at http://www.yourtherapysource.com/freebeans.html