What is Graded Movement and How You Can Help

There are many reasons why a child may have difficulties with graded movement or using the right amount of force when performing motor skills.  You might hear someone say “they have difficulty with grading their movements” or an Occupational Therapist might say “decreased force modulation”. What is Graded Movement? Basically, graded movements are when a […]

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Movement Scaling, Handwriting and ADHD

Journal of Attention Disorders published research on 14 boys with ADHD and 14 typically developing boys ages 7-15 years old.  Each child was assessed while writing a 10 mm and 40 mm cursive letter ‘l’.  The results indicated the following: the boys with ADHD were unable to maintain their writing accurately at 40 mm, falling […]


Fine Motor Match Up

After seeing this picture on Pinterest, I knew I had to try this activity. Just match up little tags with numbers, letters or shapes to beads using toothpicks. I did not have any Styrofoam so I used some clean, recycled meat trays. This was a real fine motor challenge but a nice twist. You really […]