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ASD: Communication Deficits and Motor Skills

The Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders published research investigating the connection between motor skills (oral-motor, manual-motor) and speech and language deficits.  Data analysis was performed examining a registry from children with autism spectrum disorder  (n = 1781), 2–17 years of age, who completed a multidisciplinary evaluation that included diagnostic, physical, cognitive and behavioral assessments.  After adjusting for […]

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Groundhog Day Visual & Gross Motor Challenge

Take the Groundhog Day Motor Minute Challenge.  Can you complete all the visual motor and gross motor tasks on this page in under two minutes?  This is quick, NO PREP, warm up activity, brain break, indoor recess or boredom buster for Groundhog Day.  And it is FREE! Woohoo!  We all love free. If you like […]

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Valentine’s Day Sensory Motor Freebies

Here are two fun, NO PREP, Valentine’s Day sensory motor freebies!  They are from the Valentine’s Day Sensory Motor Packet.  These two activities are ready to go!  Just print and start practicing fine and gross motor skills.  The Valentine’s Day Brain Breaks is a great group activity to get heart rates up.  The Conversation Heart […]

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Winter Challenge – Sensory Motor Activity

Winter Challenge is a fun, NO PREP, Winter themed activity to encourage fine motor, gross motor and visual motor skills.  Just print the black and white page and complete each of the Winter themed challenges.  Can you trace the ski tracks, draw snowflakes, walk backwards, pretend to ice skate, hold snow tube pose and finish […]

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3 FUN Elephant Activities to Practice Fine, Gross and Visual Motor Skills

Here are 3 fun elephant activities to play to practice fine motor, gross motor and visual motor skills.  Big bonus – It is actually Elephant Appreciation Day!  Who knew?  Me! Only because I just heard it on the radio.  Haha!  But it did spark a few ideas for the blog.  So here we go: Copy […]

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How Do Gross Motor Skills Affect Academics?

Most school staff are already aware of the physical benefits of exercise, such as strengthening of the heart and lungs, preventing weight gain, healthy bones, good posture and more. However, many are not aware of the potential brain-boosting benefits of physical activity with regard to school performance.  Unfortunately, students are missing out on opportunities to […]

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3 Free Animal Printables to Get Moving and Learning

Combine pretend play with physical activity while you move and learn with these free animal printables.  All you need to do is print the activities and you are set to go.  Not only will you be encouraging physical activity, proprioceptive input and body awareness but children will also review math concepts and practice visual perceptual […]

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11 Free Handwriting, Fine, Gross and Visual Perceptual Printables for Summer

Need some quick, easy, ideas for summer time to practice handwriting, fine motor, gross motor and visual perceptual skills?  Check out all of these free printables that are all set to go to entertain and encourage learning in children over the summer. 15 Ways to Play with a Beach Ball – print this out and attach […]

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5 Fine Motor, Gross Motor and Visual Tracking Activities with Pool Noodles

I LOVE pool noodles. So cheap and so versatile to encourage fine motor, visual and gross motor skills. Here are some things we have done with pool noodles to practice motor skills: 1. Pool Noodle Parts and Colored Chips   2. Pool noodle stick 3. Pool noodle seat 4. Motor Planning and Pool Noodles   […]

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5 Gross Motor Activities for Small Spaces

As school based therapists, we are frequently working on gross motor skills in small spaces.  In my experience, I have worked in crowded classrooms, hallways, under stairwells and even closets.  You have to come up with creative ideas to get students moving without the benefits of a large gym or outdoor space.  Here are 5 […]