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Why Do Children Need Opportunities to Use New Motor Skills They Learn?

During therapy sessions, we frequently break down activities into smaller parts or chunks to make it easier for children to learn new motor or life skills.  As the child progresses with those individual parts of the skill, the child then practices the entire activity as a whole. Sometimes this is done in an isolated environment […]

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Personal Space Journey – Body Awareness Freebie

Here is a freebie page from Personal Space Journey which is a collection of activities to teach children about maintaining personal space.  You can download the body cards at https://www.yourtherapysource.com/personalspacejourneyfreebie.html Here are some suggestions to use the cards for: 1.  Musical Body Poses:  Scatter the cards around the room.  Move to music.  Turn the music off. […]


Using Whole Body Movement to Help with Knowledge Retention

At the University of Arizona there is the Embodied Games for Learning Lab.  The lab is creating games for K-12 classrooms that include movement with learning.  The researchers have found that students retain information better when they use their whole body to learn the information.One of the lead researchers, Mina Johnson-Glenberg, states that “Our controlled […]