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Extra Physical Activity and Academic Achievement

Research on the impact of physical activity intervention program on academic achievement was published in the Journal of School Health. The study provided 408 twelve year olds with an additional two hours per week of extra play and motion activities. The control groups were three different schools (matched for male/female ratio, average level of income, […]

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Physical Fitness and White-Matter Tracts in Children

Frontiers in Neuroscience published research looking at the diffusion MRIs of 24 nine and 10-year-old children to determine an association between aerobic fitness and the brain. The study showed that children who are more aerobically fit have more fibrous and compact white-matter tracts in their brains than children who are less fit. More specifically, the […]

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Research: Children Are Significantly Less Fit than Decades Ago

Photo by Chucka_NC on Flicker Creative Commons License The American Heart Association presented research on 50 studies on running fitness between 1964 and 2010 that involved more than 25 million kids, ages 9 to 17, in 28 countries. Most of the studies measured cardiovascular endurance by how far kids could run in a set time […]