Physical Activity and Math Skills in Elementary School

Physical Activity and Math Skills in Elementary School

Physical Activity and Math Skills in Elementary School The Journal of Physical Activity and Health published research on physical activity and math skills in elementary school. In the study, a group of eighty-five 4th-grade students were randomly assigned to a physically active group or a classroom group.  The physically active group of students participated in […]


Acute Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Cognitive Flexibility in Children with ADHD

Acute Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Cognitive Flexibility in Children with ADHD

Acute Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Cognitive Flexibility in Children with ADHD Journal of Attention Disorders published research investigated the acute effects of aerobic exercise on cognitive flexibility in children with ADHD along with heart rate variability.  Using a cross-over design, 36 participants (18 children with ADHD and 18 neurotypical peers) completed cognitive assessments following exercise […]


Fidget Spinner Workout – Exercise While It Spins!

Right now, fidget spinners are everywhere.  Whether they are banned from your school or not, here is a fun way to add in some overall exercise while your spinner spins! You can download your FREE fidget spinner workout below.  Years ago, I created a fun printable with a different DIY spinning top (you can view […]


Aerobic Exercise Improved Self Regulation and Behavior

Pediatrics published research to determine if structured aerobic exercise during physical education (PE) resulted in improvements in behavioral self-regulation and classroom functioning among 103 children (ages 7-16 years old) with students with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and mood disorders. Over a 14-week crossover design, students were randomly assigned to receive the 7-week aerobic cybercycling […]

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Acute Exercise and Executive Function in Children

Psychophysiology published research on the effects of acute exercise on executive function in 20 healthy, 8-10, year old children.  This study compared the effect of an acute bout of continuous or intermittent, moderate-intensity treadmill exercise on executive function in young children. Participants in the continuous exercise group ran at 90% of gas exchange threshold whereas the […]

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5 Endurance Activities for School or Home

Some students may have difficulties keeping up with their peers in physical education class, recess or walking in a classroom line.  Finding feasible endurance activities can be difficult in the school setting.  One school I worked at actually had a gorgeous work out room with treadmills, exercise bicycles, ellipticals and full nautilus equipment.  The reality […]

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Physical Activity and Executive Control in Children

Pediatrics published research on 221 children (7-9 years old) who were randomly assigned to either a 9 month after school physical activity program or a wait list group. Following the intervention various measurements were recorded: changes in maximal oxygen consumption, electrical activity in the brain and behavioral measures (accuracy, reaction time) of executive control. The […]

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Best Exercise for Overweight Teens

JAMA Pediatrics published a research study on The Healthy Eating Aerobic and Resistance Training in Youth (HEARTY) that included 304 overweight teens between the ages of 14 to 18. All were given the same four weeks of diet counseling to promote healthy eating and weight loss before being randomly placed into four groups: 1) resistance […]

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Just 12 Minutes of Exercise Improves Reading and Attention

A recent Dartmouth study of 85 participants (ages 17-21 years old) compared selective visual attention, reading comprehension and stress levels of low income and high income students following 12 minutes of jogging in place in the individual’s target heart rate zone. The following results were recorded: 1.  both groups saw improvement in selective visual attention up […]

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4 Free Summer Printables for Motor Skills

Need a summer motor activity in a hurry?  Check out these freebies: 1.  Watermelon Multisensory Handwriting Activity Page at http://yourtherapysource.com/mssummerfreebie.html 2.  Hand Out on Fun Physical Activities for the Summer at http://yourtherapysource.com/summerfree.html 3.  Summer Tic Tac Toe at http://yourtherapysource.com/summerfitnessfreebie.html 4.  Outdoor Bingo at http://yourtherapysource.com/fmsummerfree.html Happy Summer!