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Patriotic July 4th Freebies

Here are three FREE printables for July 4th or any patriotic day. Practice reaction time and visual skills with the Red, White and Blue Game at https://www.yourtherapysource.com/july4free.html Practice visual discrimination, visual motor and figure ground skills with this July 4th Hunt and Find activity at https://www.yourtherapysource.com/july4huntfind.html Practice scissors and lacing skills to make this Flag Mobile at https://www.yourtherapysource.com/july4free2.html [subscribe2] […]

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Research Review: Reaction Time and Autism

A research review was published on 32 studies which included 238 simple reaction time and choice reaction time conditions in individuals with autism spectrum disorder (n = 964) and controls (n = 1032). The results indicated that there are little if any simple reaction time/choice reaction time slowing in this sample of individuals with autism spectrum disorder, in comparison […]

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Feedback and Reaction Time in Preschoolers with ADHD and ODD

The Journal of Attention Disorders published research on the reaction time in preschoolers with ADHD with and without oppositional defiant diorder (ODD).  Preschoolers who had ADHD with and without ODD and neurotypical preschoolers participated in a computerized reaction time study consisting of two conditions – simple reaction time and reinforced simple reaction.  The following results […]