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Groundhog Day Visual & Gross Motor Challenge

Take the Groundhog Day Motor Minute Challenge.  Can you complete all the visual motor and gross motor tasks on this page in under two minutes?  This is quick, NO PREP, warm up activity, brain break, indoor recess or boredom buster for Groundhog Day.  And it is FREE! Woohoo!  We all love free. If you like […]

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Figure Ground and Spatial Reasoning Activities

These two figure ground and spatial reasoning activities are free from the Crocodiles, Flamingos and Monkeys Visual Perceptual packet.  Can you count how many crocodiles are in the picture?  This figure ground activity can be printed to provide your students with a visual perceptual challenge.  Can you use spatial reasoning and visual motor skills to […]

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Working Conditions Survey Results for School Based Therapists

The working conditions survey results for school based therapists have been summarized.  As you can see from the results, there were 431 responses to the questions about working conditions.  Frankly, I was shocked that close to 79% of the school based therapists felt that a national organization should be formed to establish working condition standards ( […]

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Cut, Sequence, Paste and Draw Penguin

Here is a penguin activity that includes scissor skills, sequencing, motor planning, visual motor skills and following directions!  All on one piece of paper (translation: NO PREP activity).  This penguin activity is from the Cut, Sequence, Paste and Draw – Arctic Animals.   Print out this activity and the child can cut, sequence, paste and […]

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5 Ways to Improve Productivity

The schedules of pediatric occupational or physical therapists tend to be extremely busy.  If you work in the schools, you know how hard it is to complete all the daily tasks, follow your schedule and maintain focus throughout the workday.  After work hours, add bringing paperwork home or phone calls to parents and doctors not to […]


Step By Step Tiger Circle Scissor Project – Free

Here is a free step by step tiger circle project (download link at bottom) from the digital packet, Step By Step Circle Animals.  Just print this NO PREP activity and get started. Color the circles.  Cut out the circles.  Glue the animal together and your tiger is complete!  Super cute and wonderful scissor practice and […]

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Work Station, Positioning and Keyboarding Skills

Young children and students continue to spend more and more time keyboarding for written expression.  Whether it be at home before children are school aged or sitting long hours typing away throughout a child’s educational career or even as adults, the work station must be set up efficiently to allow for proper positioning while keyboarding. […]

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Visual Prompts and Handwriting

There are many types of handwriting programs, papers and videos available to help children with visual prompts for proper letter formation. Regardless of the handwriting program used, some visual prompts used for teaching handwriting include: alphabet strip or wall cards to copy proper formation modeling proper letter formation wide lined paper three lines with one […]

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20 Alternative Seating Picture Word Cards

Do you suggest or use alternative seating to keep children alert and focused in the classroom?  Here are  20 FREE picture word cards for alternative seating in the classroom.  Scroll down to download your 20 alternative seating picture word cards for free.  It includes the following alternative seating picture word cards: bean bag exercise ball […]

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2 Key Factors to Help Increase Participation of Children with Autism

OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health published qualitative research investigating the viewpoint of teachers and occupational therapists (who work with children with autism) on the sensory-related environmental barriers to participation within the preschool context. Following interview questions, the data was analyzed and indicated that there are two essential components to increase the participation of children with autism in the […]