Sensory Adaptations, Developmentally Disabled Children and the Dentist

New research published in the Journal of Pediatrics reports that 16 children (ages 6-11 years old) with developmental disabilities had decreased anxiety during dental visits when a sensory adapted environment was used. The study compared developmentally disabled children to typical peers. During the first dental visit, no environmental adaptations were used. During the second dental […]

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Hyperbaric Oxygen and Autism

BMC Pediatriccs has published an interesting study on hyperbaric treatment for children with autism. According to the authors of this study, this is the first randomized, double blind controlled trial using hyperbaric oxygen in children with autism. The study had 62 children with autism ages 2-7 years old. The treatment group consisted of 33 children […]

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What’s Missing Tactile Game Video

Here is a fun activity that encourages upper extremity muscle strengthening, proprioceptive input and tactile input. What more sensory motor activities? Check out 50 Sensory Motor Activities for Kids!.

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New Idea for Sensory Ball

Here is a new way to use a sensory toy. This is a spiky ball that can go on a child’s head so there is a hole in it. Stuff the inside with a cloth napkin or dish towel. Mark one counting stick (or coffee stirrer) with a piece of masking tape on it. The […]