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Selecting Toys for Children with Special Needs

Parents and therapists recognize the importance of play in children. Through play children develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. Children with disabilities may have limited access to play due to motor skill delays or other issues. Through guided play sessions, parents and therapists can help children to maximize their play skills. One of the most […]

Including Children with Physical Disabilities

A recent research article in the Journal of Early Intervention studied 72 children in an inclusive preschool setting. The children were asked to respond to various hypothetical situations that occur during preschool. The results indicated that the preschool children were significantly more likely to include children with physical disabilities in activities that required few motor […]


Video – Movement Breaks for Classroom

Here is an informative video from Edutopia found over at the Peaceful Playgrounds blog. Four exercises are demonstrated to help refocus a student or raise a student’s level of alertness. Great activities to get student’s ready to learn! Mini Movement Breaks: Download of 60+ quicksensory motor activity cards forschool, home or therapy clinic. Only $3.99


Processing Sensory Information and Autism

Autism Research has published research on how children with autism process multisensory information. Using brainwave EEG recordings, the researchers were able to determine that the 17 children with autism (ages 6-16 years) did not process multisensory information (MSI) as efficiently as the control group without autism. John Foxe, PhD, one of the co-authors of the […]

US Department Survey on Developmental Disabilities

The US Department of Health and Human Services is conducting a survey on priorities for people with developmental disabilities. They are asking individuals with disabilities, family members and professionals to complete a survey to help the Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD) plan how to best meet the future needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. It […]

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Adaptations for Daily Routines Using Arms and Hands

The Tots ‘n Tech Research Institute (TnT) is an inter-university collaboration between Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia and Arizona State University. They publish information and resources on technology for infants and toddlers. In March 2010 they published a newsletter entitled Using Arms and Hands in Activities and Routines. It offers low tech solutions for 12 daily […]

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Be Organized this School Year

The start of the school year is approaching or here for some of you. Start the year off right with these tips to get organized: Create an organized caseload list of your students. Include all information such as teacher’s names, parents’ names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, frequency and duration of therapy sessions. If you have […]