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Improvements in Handwriting and Transfer of Skills Following iPad Instruction

Computer and Education published research examining the effectiveness of iPad computerized writing instruction for 4th–9th graders (n = 35) with diagnosed specific learning disabilities (SLDs) affecting writing: dysgraphia (impaired handwriting), dyslexia (impaired spelling), and oral and written language learning disability (OWL LD) (impaired syntax composing).  Each participant completed 18 two-hour iPad lessons with multiple learning activities.  The goal of the activities was to improve subword- (handwriting), word- (spelling), and syntax- (sentence composing) level language skills by including all listening, speaking, reading, and writing to encourage a functional writing system.  Treatment effectiveness was evaluated using normed measures of handwriting, spelling, and composing except for one non-normed alphabet writing task.

Results indicated the following:
1.  grade 4–9 students with dysgraphia improved in handwriting.
2.  grade 4–9 students with dyslexia improved in spelling.
3.  grade 4–9 students with oral syntax disability improved in that skill.
4.  all but oral syntax was evaluated with pen and paper tasks, indicating that thecomputer writing instruction transferred to better writing with pen and paper. 
5.  performance on learning activities during instruction correlated with writing outcomes.
6.  individual students tended to improve in the impaired skill associated with their diagnosis.

The researchers concluded that students with persisting SLDs affecting writing, computers can also be used for Tier 3 instruction to improve the writing skills of students in grades 4–9 with history of persisting writing disabilities.

Reference:  Virginia W. Berninger et al.  Computer instruction in handwriting, spelling, and composing for students with specific learning disabilities in grades 4–9. Computers & Education
Volume 81, February 2015, Pages 154–168 doi:10.1016/j.compedu.2014.10.005

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