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Self Regulation Checklist for Self Monitoring

Ready To Work Self Assessment Checklist

Do your students struggle with refocusing after lunch? Perhaps after group activities it is difficult to return to independent work. Or maybe they need visual supports to help guide them to complete independent work. If you need to encourage students to improve self-regulation skills and maintain classroom expectations, then this free self-regulation checklist will help students gain independence in school.

Self-Regulation Checklist Can Help Your Students Succeed

This checklist helps children:

  1. to understand what behaviors are expected of them.
  2. how to succeed in the classroom.
  3. to reflect on those behaviors during class time.

Students can refer to the self-regulation checklist throughout classroom work to check in on their organizational skills, state of regulation, focus, effort, and behavior in class.

This checklist is from the Self-Assessments and Checklists for Good Work Habits digital download.

Do you work with students who struggle to be motivated, engaged, persistent, organized, or self-regulate?  These are the skills that students need to achieve success in school.  The Self-Assessments and Checklists for Good Work Habits help improve self-regulation skills, maintain classroom expectations, routines, work habits, and behaviors.

The Self-Assessments and Checklists for Good Work Habits provide 8 checklists to encourage successful students.  Each checklist includes 6 areas to self-assess with written directions and picture symbols.

How to use this self-regulation checklist:

Print it out full size, half page or 4 to a page.

Review the checklist and expectations with the student.

Confirm understanding of the student.

Provide the student with the checklist for during class time.

The student can write his/her name and date at the top.

The student can periodically refer to the checklist to self check and confirm he/she is ready to work.

The student can put a check mark in the box if the reminder is being accomplished.

When the task is completed, the student can record his/her score out of 6 points.

Read more about setting goals for self regulation.

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Are you looking to encourage students to improve self-regulation and maintain classroom expectations?  This free self-regulation checklist will help students