What is Graded Movement and How You Can Help

There are many reasons why a child may have difficulties with graded movement or using the right amount of force when performing motor skills.  You might hear someone say “they have difficulty with grading their movements” or an Occupational Therapist might say “decreased force modulation”. What is Graded Movement? Basically, graded movements are when a […]

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3 Free Animal Printables to Get Moving and Learning

Combine pretend play with physical activity while you move and learn with these free animal printables.  All you need to do is print the activities and you are set to go.  Not only will you be encouraging physical activity, proprioceptive input and body awareness but children will also review math concepts and practice visual perceptual […]

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Proprioceptive, Tactile and Fine Motor Painting Activity

Here is a simple activity that you can modify depending upon the skill level of the child. We chose to do a name but you could make this activity much more simple by just doing lines or random designs. It could also be done on a canvas bag to make a great tote bag gift […]

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Neuromechanical Adaptations Following Trampoline Use

Have you ever heard of “trampoline aftereffect”?  It is that sensation that you have after jumping on a trampoline.  You get off the trampoline and your legs feel a little woozy or jelly like.  Pediatric therapy sessions that include motor skill development or sensory processing skills may include trampoline activities.  Did you know that after […]