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SNARC Effect and Motor Responses

Have you ever heard of the SNARC effect?  I had not, so when I read about it in a research article I decided to find out more information.  SNARC stands for spatial-numerical association of response codes.   The SNARC effect is when someone is presented with smaller numbers people respond faster with the left hand and when […]


Academics and Motor Skills in Children with LD

Some interesting research was published in the Journal of Learning Disabilities. The Movement Assessment Battery for Children (MABC) was performed on 137 children with learning disabilities (IQ>80). The following results were seen: 52.6% scored below the 15th percentile on manual dexterity 40.9% scored below the 15th percentile on ball skills 33.7% scored below the 15th […]

LD Artwork Contest

Do you know a talented artist who has a learning disability? The National Center for Learning Disabilities is holding their 2010 annual art competition. The theme is “Hidden Thoughts of LD”. The are accepting works of art, photography and poetry that express what it is like for people with a learning disability. They are awarding […]