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October 2012 Digital Magazine for Pediatric OT and PT

The latest issue of Your Therapy Source’s digital magazine for pediatric occupational and physical therapists is now available for free. It includes articles on motor skill practice, sensory processing and lots of freebies. If you can not view the document below go to YourTherapySource.com/magazine to download a pdf copy. Open publication – Free publishing


New School Year, New Goals, New Opportunities

As many of you return to work or have started already, here are some tips for the upcoming school year: 1.  Support your students – Whether the student’s goal is a lofty one or a easy goal support the student 100% to achieve the goal.  Maybe it is something the student really wants to achieve.  […]

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End of Year Lists for Students by the Students

Have you ever considered having the children you currently work with create a list of advice or tips for other children for the next school year?  You could ask the children to submit tips and suggestions that make functional tasks easier for them.  This activity will hopefully empower the children to see that they can […]

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January Issue of Digital Magazine

Here is the latest issue of our digital magazine for pediatric occupational and physical therapy. You can read articles on goals for 2012, cerebral palsy, sensory processing and print lots of freebies. Check it out below. If you can not view the document below go to YourTherapySource.com and you can download a pdf copy. Open […]

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Am I Doing a Good Job? Ask the Kids.

For many of you the school year has ended or will soon be ending. Did you ever considering asking the children that you work with whether you did a good job? Just like when adults attend professional development or a college course, teachers usually ask for feedback. Why not ask the kids that you work […]

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Exploring Spaces and Body Awareness

Many pediatric occupational and physical therapists work with children who exhibit decreased sensory processing such as decreased body awareness, motor planning and proprioception. These difficulties of sensing where a child is in space can interfere with motor skill development, peer interaction and safety. We are all familiar with therapy sessions that focus on proprioceptive input, […]

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Are You Effective?

Considering it is mid school year, it may be time to evaluate your skills as a therapist. Are you effective? Sometimes, children miss extensive class time due to therapy sessions. Is it worth their while? Annual review time is quickly approaching and therapists should be thinking about what is working and what is not working. […]

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School Based Therapy IEP

It is that time of year again – New Year’s resolutions. We all know the typical ones like lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking, etc. How about creating some resolutions for the workplace? Another way of putting it is to create annual goals for yourself. School based therapists help to write IEP goals for students, […]

Communicating with Parents

Parents are an integral part of the special education team. They know the most about their children strengths, weaknesses and personal preferences. Therapists and other school staff need to include parents in all decision making for children. Here are some tips on improving your communication with parents: 1. Always start off a conversation stressing a […]