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“Here Comes Santa Claus” Visual Motor Freebie

Practice visual motor skills and handwriting with this new freebie with a Santa Claus theme.  You can download it at http://yourtherapysource.com/freesantarace.html

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Whooooo’s There? Visual Motor Freebie

Download this visual motor and visual discrimination freebie at http://yourtherapysource.com/freethanksgivingowls2.html [subscribe2]

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Homemade Painting Tools

Create these homemade painting tools with cardboard, scissors and clothes pins.  Children will practice cutting skills, hand strengthening and visual motor skills with this painting activity.  Watch the video at http://yourtherapysource.com/videopaintingtools.html [subscribe2]  

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Autumn Visual Closure Activity

Here is an autumn visual closure and visual motor activity to download from Your Therapy Source.  Draw a line connecting the enlarged picture to the complete picture. Download the Autumn Close Up Activity. This download is a collection of visual perceptual worksheets with a Fall theme. Practice visual motor, visual discrimination, visual spatial, visual closure and […]

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Freebie – Black and White Lines for Pre-Writing Practice

Download these FREE black and white line pages to practice horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zig zag and curved strokes.  You can download them for free in three different sizes depending upon the child’s visual motor skills. Visit http://www.YourTherapySource.com/freeblackwhiteprewriting for the downloads. [subscribe2]

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5 Fine Motor Things to Do with Loom Bands Besides Making Bracelets

Ever wonder what else you could do with loom bands?  Here are 5 suggestions that encourage fine motor skills, visual motor skills and hand strengthening (and none of them are bracelets)!  Get all the directions at http://yourtherapysource.com/freeloombands.html [subscribe2]

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Coloring Shape Stencils

How cool is this project?  It reminds me of a zentangle which I always find very calming to do.  There are two ways to complete this activity to encourage visual motor skills, grading of movements and visual spatial skills. 1.  Doodle Shape Stencils – Draw any random doodle all over a piece of paper with […]

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Twist (literally) on Puzzles Part #2

 I came across another idea on Pinterest about changing up puzzles.  Basically, using any picture or text that you would like, you can create a twisting puzzle.  For this example I printed out a picture on heavy duty cardstock that would wrap around this container with about an inch of overlap.  Cut the paper into […]