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Baby Oil and Cotton Swabs for Writing

Here is a fun, simple activity – painting, drawing and writing with baby oil.   Materials:  baby oil, small cup, cotton swabs, different types of paper and dotted shape cards from Alphabet, Number and Shape Cards –  https://yourtherapysource.com/alphacards.htmlPurpose:  To encourage prewriting skills, handwriting skills and drawing.  Promotes visual motor skills.Activity:  Just dip your cotton swab in […]


Predictability of Visual Motor Task

Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology published research on visual motor deficits in very preterm children.  There were 58 very preterm children (average age 7 yr 6 months and average gestational age 29.2 weeks) and 64 age matched full term children in the study.  The participants IQ was measured and a diagnosis of developmental coordination disorder […]


Handwriting Practice and Visual Perceptual Motor Practice

The American Journal of Occupational Therapy published research that compared two different handwriting interventions.  Seventy two first and second grade students either received intensive handwriting practice or visual perceptual motor activities during a handwriting club for 12 weeks.  The post test results indicated the following: the intensive handwriting practice group demonstrated significant improvements in handwriting […]