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Yoga Cards – Downward Dog Pose

This Downward Dog Yoga Pose is a free sample from Yoga Cards. The purpose of the downward dog pose is to: 1.  improve balance. 2.  stretch the back and the hamstring muscles (back of the thighs). 3.  strengthen the shoulders, arms and the core muscles. 4.  stimulate the vestibular system with the inverted position of […]

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Heart Rate, Motor Skills and Children with Autism

Physiology & Behavior published research on 20 children – 10 with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and 10 control subjects to determine how the heart rate adjusts during different physical tests. Each participant was evaluated using the Eurofit Physical Fitness Test Battery with constant heart rate monitoring. In addition, their parents completed the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales. […]

Free Interactive Yoga Story

Jeanette Runnings, an occupational therapist, was nice enough to share her free, interactive yoga story entitled The King, the Three Warriors and the Troll.  It can be downloaded from her website, www.Yoga-Yingo.com or directly here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/68740922/StorybookThe%20King%2CThe%20Three%20Warriors%20and%20The%20Troll2.pdf  Thank you very much for this fun yoga story!


Pediatric Yoga Research

A review of the research on clinical applications of yoga for the pediatric population was published in the latest issue of Academic Pediatrics. Thirty four controlled studies were reviewed. A large majority of the studies yielded positive results from yoga although many of the studies were of low methodological quality. The researchers concluded that further […]


Yoga in the Classroom

Found out about this free resource on Twitter from @lloydcrew – thanks! This is a post on OT Connections about the benefits of using yoga in the classroom. If you scroll down there is 4 pdf documents that you can open and print. Each document is a yoga routine to use in the classroom. This […]