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Treadmill versus Overground Walking and CP

Clinical Rehabilitation has published research comparing the effects of a 7 week treadmill training or overground walking program for children with cerebral palsy.  There was 36 participants in the study with cerebral palsy levels I-III on the Gross Motor Functional Classification System who were randomly assigned to the treadmill or overground walking group.  They completed […]


Predictability of Visual Motor Task

Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology published research on visual motor deficits in very preterm children.  There were 58 very preterm children (average age 7 yr 6 months and average gestational age 29.2 weeks) and 64 age matched full term children in the study.  The participants IQ was measured and a diagnosis of developmental coordination disorder […]

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Physical Disability After Inpatient Rehab

Pediatrics published research on the outcome of 13798 children (seven to eighteen years old) with traumatic injuries following inpatient rehabilitation.   The following results were reported after an average 3 week length of stay: functional limitations were reduced children still tended to have residual physical disabilities a median admission grade of 1 and a median […]

Ostracism and Physical Activity

Pediatrics published research on a small study of 19 children (average age 11.7 years old) to assess the effects of simulated ostracism on children’s physical activity behavior, time allocated to sedentary behavior, and liking of physical activity. In the first experimental session, children played a virtual game where they were exposed to ostracism followed by […]