School Readiness – Are Children Physically Ready?

Have you noticed a recent decline in children's functional skills at school? When it comes to school readiness are children physically ready?

Have you noticed a recent decline in children’s functional skills at school? When it comes to school readiness are children physically ready? A recent study indicated that about 30% of children’s physical development was ‘of concern’ at the start of the school year (21% had significant movement difficulty and another 8% exhibited physical development below […]

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Graded Motor Skill Interventions in Children with Coordination Disorders

Delays in motor skill development may affect academics, activities of daily living, concentration, emotional and social skills.  The Journal of Early Childhood Research reported on a study of children (ages 3-6) with coordination disorders who participated in motor skill interventions over the course of two years.   The Early Years Movement Skills (EYMSC) checklist and the […]

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Effective Frequency for Motor Skill Groups

As pediatric therapists, we often recommend how many sessions of therapy to provide. Here is a small but relevant study regarding the effectiveness of  two group programs on visual-motor integration, motor proficiency, gross-motor skills, and parental perception of motor difficulties in children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD).   Children with DCD were divided into two […]

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Functional Skills for Kids – 12 Month Series by OTs and PTs

During 2016, I will be participating in a series written by occupational and physical therapy bloggers on developing 12 functional skills for children. Each month we will discuss the development of one functional skill in children addressing the many components of that skill. Parents, teachers, therapists, and others can learn about all the activities and […]

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Pool Noodle Stick for Reaction Time, Coordination and Balance

Create this simple pool noodle stick to encourage reaction time, eye hand coordination, balance skills and muscle strengthening.  Read all the details and watch the video at [subscribe2] Need more sensory motor activities?  Check out Sensory Motor Game Boards at  Just print and play these games that encourage coordination, motor planning, gross motor and balance skills.

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Quick Brain Break – Q and A Body Game

Need a quick game to rest and refresh your student’s brain?  Try this Q and A Body Game: Purpose: Promote body awareness, motor skills and listening skills. Materials: none Activity: This can be played with one player or a group of children. The adult faces the group. Explain the directions of the game. The adult […]

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5 Physical Activities to Increase Power in Children

The definition of power is (force x distance) ÷ time.  In other words power is the product of strength and speed over time.  Many times children who receive therapy services exhibit a decrease in power.  For example, perhaps a child can jump forward but does not have the power to jump forward long distances over the […]

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5 Steps to Visualize Success at Motor Goals

Do you ever use visualization techniques to help children improve their motor skills or reach their goals?  Visualization is a common practice among athletes to improve their performance and take their skills to the next level.  Research among adults indicates that mentally rehearsing a sport can help to improve performance, trigger responses from the autonomic […]

Relationship Between IQ and Motor Skills

Pediatrics published research on the relationship of IQ to motor skills.  Data on motor skills and IQ was assessed on 460 children in educational and clinic settings.  The results of the data analysis indicated that typical and atypical motor skills were seen at all levels of IQ.  In addition the following was seen: “for each […]

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Teaching Motor Skills

The development in children of fundamental motor skills such as ball handling and locomotor skills need to be learned, practiced and practiced some more.  A recent research review in Child: Care, Health and Development aimed to determine the effectiveness of motor skill interventions in children.  The results indicated the following: 1.  A significant positive effect […]