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Movement and Math Animal Action Freebie

Here is a fun game, Roll, Move and Cover that incorporates movement, visual perceptual skills, fine motor skills and math skills.  It is a freebie game from Animal Actions A to Z.  Basically, the student rolls two dice, adds up the numbers, finds the number, performs an animal action and then colors in the circle […]

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Building Block Pattern Freebie

Here are a several free printables from Building Blocks Patterns and Games.  These free sample patterns are full size, ranging from simple to more complex patterns.  The full size patterns make it easier for children to match up the blocks exactly if they need a little extra help to complete the cards.  You will need DUPLO […]

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3 Activities to Get Moving with Math

Purpose: Practice sensory motor skills while reinforcing math concepts. These are some fun in class energy release activities. Materials: math flash cards, dice Activity #1 – Flash Card Fun for a Group: Have the group sit or stand in a circle. Create one rule for the group to start. For example, if the answer is correct […]


Multisensory Lessons – Math

This is the second in a series of posts on creating multisensory lessons in the classroom or home. Go to Simple Multisensory Lessons – Spelling to read the first post. By incorporating various sensory pathways in learning you can help all students especially kinesthetic learners. Here are several ideas for math lessons: 1. Clapping: When […]