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Do You Use Congruent Feedback?

Congruent feedback is an excellent tool to help children learn and improve motor skills.  Here is how it works –  decide upon one step or motion of the skill that you and the child thinks needs improvement or refinement.  Tell the child exactly what you are looking for during the skill.  It should only be one […]

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Quick Brain Break – Q and A Body Game

Need a quick game to rest and refresh your student’s brain?  Try this Q and A Body Game: Purpose: Promote body awareness, motor skills and listening skills. Materials: none Activity: This can be played with one player or a group of children. The adult faces the group. Explain the directions of the game. The adult […]


Early Identification of Motor Delays

The American Academy of Pediatrics has published new research on early identification and evaluation of motor delays and variations in muscle tone.   A multidisciplinary expert panel developed an algorithm for the surveillance and screening of children for motor delays using formal developmental screenings at 9,18,30 and 48 month well child visits. The additional 48 month […]

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Baby’s Motor Development and Cognitive Scores

A large study by the Centre for Longitudinal Studies analyzed the data of 15,000 children in the United Kingdom. The data revealed that 1 in 10 children exhibited delays in gross and fine motor development at 9 months of age. The delay in motor development at 9 months was significantly associated with delayed cognitive development […]


Motor Development Scores for Very Preterm and Very Low-Birth Weight

The Journal of the American Medical Association reported on infants who were born Reference: Jorrit F. de Kieviet; Jan P. Piek; Cornelieke S. Aarnoudse-Moens; Jaap Oosterlaan Motor Development in Very Preterm and Very Low-Birth-Weight Children From Birth to Adolescence: A Meta-analysis JAMA. 2009;302(20):2235-2242.