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Help Children to Develop Motor Maps of Their Surroundings

Many pediatric occupational and physical therapists work with children who exhibit decreased sensory processing such as decreased body awareness, motor planning and proprioception. These difficulties of sensing where a child is in space can interfere with motor skill development, peer interaction and safety. We are all familiar with therapy sessions that focus on proprioceptive input, […]

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Quick Brain Break – Q and A Body Game

Need a quick game to rest and refresh your student’s brain?  Try this Q and A Body Game: Purpose: Promote body awareness, motor skills and listening skills. Materials: none Activity: This can be played with one player or a group of children. The adult faces the group. Explain the directions of the game. The adult […]

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Is Typing Like Riding a Bicycle?

Attention, Perception & Psychophysics has published research on skilled typists and the QWERTY keyboard.  The 100 participants (young adults and adults) in the study were asked to complete a short typing test.  Following the typing test, the participants were given a blank QWERTY keyboard on a piece of paper where they had 80 seconds to […]